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Last generation CNC with a milling size capacity of pieces ranging 1500x1500x6700 mm with a machine head of 5 axes.
CNC Milling Machine Zayer KFU for sizes 1500x1500x7000 and 32 Kw
CNC Milling Machine Zayer KFU for sizes 1250x1250x6000 and 32 KW
CNC Milling Machine Anayak 4200 mm
CAD-CAM process to design and implement CNC programs

EISENOR machinery includes 5 grinding machines for straight pieces up to
1000x5500 mm. It additionally has another installation to grind the side ends of the pieces.
6 horizontal grinding machines up to 5500mm length.
1 machine to grind the end of the pieces.

EISENOR counts with the most modern and advanced installations to carry out induction hardening with a vertical setting, capable to treat pieces up to 5000 mm length and 100 KW energy power, a trough treatment furnace and several furnaces for annealing treatment.
Induction hardening vertical installation, 100Kw, to treat up to 5000mm length pieces.
Trough treatment Oven to harden up to 1500mm length pieces.
Several furnaces for annealing treatment.
200 ton press to straight pieces up to 5000mm length.

EISENOR collaborates with local partners specialized in Boiler Works and offers its customers a wide range of combined welded and milled or ground products, according to customers specification.
Based on the knowledge and expertise of its technical team on final solutions, in wich either its guides or wear parts are included, EISENOR offers the assembly of parts in the customers machines.
We offer both boiler making works and assembling works, and we are able to assembly our products into complete units in the case of small and medium size machinery.


EISENOR work is conducted under the strictest quality standards and has achieved the EN ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
The quality of our products is a consequence of the extensive knowledge of our customers’ needs and product applications, as well as a strict quality control all along its manufacturing process.
The first step in the Quality Control is the purchasing of the steel and raw material, which is specifically selected in order to guarantee the quality of final product. We individually homologate our suppliers and partners.
All over the process, traceability of our products is surveyed as both, a way to guaranty the quality of our final products as well as a base to provide with information about every step of the process.
The final Quality Control, on the final pieces, guarantees that every single product has been manufactured according to the required specification. A Quality Certificate is delivered along with all our pieces.
All records and information are collected and filed in our internal quality data base.
Regularly Eisenor carries out destructive tests, in actual produced pieces, in order to get relevant information on metallographic or other specific issues such as deepness of hardening.
EISENOR makes continuous investments in new quality control installations and facilities in order to implement in its factory the latest and more up-to-date quality control and testing solutions, in accordance with our customers’ continuous changes in their requirements.