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Eisenor Linear guideways and slidewaysEISENOR´s box ways, in comparison with other linear guides, provide the machine tool with a stronger rigidity and vibration absorption.
Besides, they provide more important advantages which allow a better functioning as well as an increased success rate:
– Superior cutting performance, especially on Hard Materials
– More rigidity
– Higher damping characteristics
– Increment of the lifespan of the tools used
– Higher wear-resistance and durability of the guides, contributing to a bigger machinery strength and lower maintenance costs
– Bigger loading capacity, allowing more precise and reliable work.

In most of the cases, Eisenor guides are manufactured with steel DIN 1.0503 and induction hardened, being able to achieve a hardness of 58 – 62 HRc
In order to reduce deformations and contribute to obtain pieces with a higher stability, the hardening treatment is applied in both opposite faces at the same time.

Diagram of penetration obtained in a test specimen