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EISENOR was established more than 25 years ago and it has been devoted to the manufacture of high precision guideways. Its facilities incorporated an innovative manufacturing process in line with the technology in place at the time of its creation. Nowadays, EISENOR still continues to be a benchmark in its industrial sector in terms of both quality and cost efficiency.

EISENOR offers solutions to the needs of linear guiding and the mobile elements that roll on them. We work either according to our customer´s specific drawings or by providing a taylor-made solution based on our experience and know-how.

Our range is complemented with standardized products, suitable for those repetitive solutions, commonly used in various machine designs, with an immediate delivery time.

EISENOR´s main drive has been from its beginning its customers’ satisfaction. It has been achieved through the highest quality standards and has defined its business evolution, mainly focused on product development of plates, which require a high wear resistance and specially the linear guideways and slideways. Our constant search of innovation offers our customers the most updated technologies and solutions.